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Last updated: 2/5/2023

EVMavericks Weekly #8: Jan 30-Feb 5th, 2023

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Most important:

Reminder: Next water cooler chat is on February 6th (today) at 7PM EST/4PM PST

  1. The collection is in hands of The Ben Meadows for the next 60 days after the latest snapshot has been successfully passed. Ben posted 4.5e rETH as collateral.
  2. 19k DAI of grant money for stake-a-thon have been transferred to 2/3 multisig. It’s going to be disbursed to DoubtStarsAreLions as she’s the new Project Manager. Announcement
  3. Anotherblock AMA happened
  4. Weekly Ethfinance Doots Roundup #5
  5. TheBenMeadows & HashtagFuzzMaster share this security infographic
  6. Discussion about applying for OP’s Education grant nominations happened.
  7. Exploring options since our DAO-controlled twitter account will stop working since twitter API will no longer be free soon.
  8. Discussion around restructuring some multisig and getting new members as one of our current multisig members wants to rotated out.
  9. icobeast shares this interesting twitter thread that claims to uncover some ring of influencers and founders that used bots on twitter and drained $200,000,000+ from the ecosystem by launching many NFT communities
  10. Yielddaddy shares this video of Rocket Pool Validator setup from the scratch
  11. 696 shares free (used to cost $3k) courses from alchemy
  12. eleusys aka 835.eth shares Raoul Pal talking about digital identity, content authentication in this NFT podcast
  13. Nuwtox tried bringing more spice to the #degen by introducing new Trending-On-Icy-Tools-Discussion!